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About ED Group

Founded in 2006, the development company ED Group a.s. is mainly involved in the construction of residential buildings, project management and, to a lesser extent, real estate activities.
To date, the company has built several residential projects. Over time, the company has evolved from being a builder of smaller projects to exclusive and architecturally-demanding medium-sized projects. With the ever-increasing demand for family houses and the related priority of privacy, the company has decided to respond by selling land and building family houses.
A common feature of all ED Group projects is an emphasis on high quality materials, premium furnishings, full civic amenities and good transport accessibility.


ED Group projects are interesting from both an architectural perspective and from the point of view of function and value. In cooperation with selected architects, the goal is to create projects that are engaging and timeless, while also respecting the surrounding area and environment.
The company's customer service is built on an individual approach to clients, with a willingness to meet their demands and wishes being a top priority. The ED Group gives its clients the opportunity to create their own homes exactly as they wish.


The vision of the ED Group is to become a preferred company in the field of construction of luxury development projects and to build a strong position on the Czech market.


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