Stodůlky Family Homes

Stodůlky Family Homes

In 2020, the Stodůlky Family Homes project was completed with 56 family homes in a combination of 36 semi-detached houses and 18 terraced houses, with a usable area from 140 m2 to 170 m2

The goal of the project was to create a complete area without any undesirable dominant features. All the family homes have two floors with a 5+kitchenette layout, a flat roof, a private garden, a garage and an outside parking space. The main living space and technical facilities are located on the ground floor,  while the bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the upper floor.

Enhancing the prestige of the entire project is its architectural design by Tomáš Pavlík. In selecting the façade, the architect emphasised the use of earth tones and natural materials. The result is a combination of simple, fine plasterwork in light and darker shades with strips of brick cladding. The large-format aluminium windows ensure sufficient amounts of natural light.

The Stodůlky location was chosen for the construction of family homes not only due to its excellent transport connection to the centre and full-fledged civic amenities, but especially for the surrounding lush nature, including the Malá Řepora bio-centre and the Prokopské and Dalejské údolí nature parks.



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